Welcome to Johor Bahru

Malaysia is a vibrant country that offers an exotic kaleidoscope of sights and travel experiences. From cosmopolitan cities to sandy beaches, Malaysia is perfect for business opportunities and exciting holidays. Head on to the southern gateway in Johor Bahru where we have all the great elements for a comfortable holiday.


To make your holiday an exciting and enjoyable adventure, Johor Bahru has it all. Stay in style at the Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru as the hotel offers luxurious and elegant accommodation to make sure your stay comfortable. The Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru is located adjacent to prime commercial and entertainment complexes. Its strategic position makes it an excellent choice for business travelers.

Johor is one of the most developed cities in Malaysia as well as one of its major transportation hubs. The city is located on Southern of Malaysia and is easily accessible to Singapore. Johor has a wealth of attractions and gorgeous areas including the Seribuat Archipelago, home to several islands with tranquil beaches surrounded by coconut trees. The beaches provide a wealth of activities including wonderful diving and snorkelling opportunities as well as the perfect sunbathing spot. Golf is one the most popular sports in Johor and golfers will be delighted by the wide range of golf facilities in the region. From the lowest handicapper to the casual player, everyone is certain to have a wonderful experience on these stunning courses. The city also offers a wide selection of hotel accommodation, fine restaurants and fantastic shopping opportunities.

On weekends and public holidays, Singaporeans flock across the Causeway for shopping and excitement. Central JB exudes a seedy border-town feel, but a government crackdown on JB’s fleshpot reputation, coupled with a spiralling crime rate (including bag-snatching and car theft) have sent male Singaporeans elsewhere for their paid pleasures. Street theatre is provided by medicine vendors dangling snakes and promising penis enlargement with their elixirs; turbaned bomoh (Islamic spiritual healers) selling magical ‘love oil’ at astronomical prices; and Chinese fortune tellers divining futures with the hexagrams of the yijing. (Book of Changes or I-Ching). The kedai gunting rambut (barber shops) are a frequent sight, offering not haircuts, but women.

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